The public beta of GrindZero has arrived!

Welcome to the GrindZero launch!

For those who are just hearing about GrindZero…

Update: The beta phase for GrindZero has ended. A big thank you goes out to everyone that signed up during our beta, you have helped us tremendously with your feedback and the improvements we have made to the platform and tools. 

Without getting too much into it, GrindZero is a new and revolutionary webapp that can and will help you kick-off and maintain a robust online and social media presence for your name or brand on dozens of social platforms from one centralized location.

It will drastically consolidate, simplify, centralize, and super-charge your entire social media presence online. By sticking to and following an easy-to-follow system of daily A.I. assigned “Bullet Tasks”, and focusing on maximizing efficiency with the nifty “Shotgun Share” tool, you too can have a kick-ass global social media presence that people will think it’s run by a pro social media super wizard!

And the best part… once you learn the ropes, it’ll only take just 15 to 30 minutes of your time per day, or about 2 to 3 hours total per week. This way you can focus the bulk of your time on what matters most… creating, building, writing, selling, recording, or whatever else it is that you do and that you want found, consumed, and appreciated.

We like to call it the “Be everywhere” social strategy, which maximizes the chances of people discovering and following you and your content on their favorite social platforms, not just yours!

So yeah… that’s about it with the very basics, but you can read and learn a lot more about GrindZero and all its glorious features and benefits on our landing page here!




For those of you who already heard about GrindZero previously and joined the pre-beta launch wait list…

Unfortunately we’ve run into a bit of a hiccup and sadly cannot honor the free year beta access as promised 🤦 

This is due to unforeseen complications (our bad!) with our payment processor Stripe, as they have no option to allow us to charge less than $1. And hacking together a by-pass on our end is not a good use of our time and resources (there is a lot planned!) and thus not really an option.

But we really do appreciate you and your interest in our service, so the only other option is to charge the minimum allowed amount of $1. It many not be 100% off, but 99.9% off is still pretty darn awesome! Also it’s a one time non-recurring payment.

Finally, to further make up for our little blunder, we’ve decided to throw in a full year of Snapzu Platinum (a $60 value on its own) for all our beta subscribers. And if you find this service as useful and helpful as we think you will, and choose to renew your subscription to GrindZero in a year’s time, we will gladly grandfather your account with the introductory price of $19/month or $199/year for the life of the account. Your journey to the top is a marathon not a sprint, and you’ll need these long-term tools to help get you there!

Please keep in mind that this early adopter beta $1/year offer is only valid for the next two weeks and will expire in mid-February 2022.

After that we will be moving over to our planned introductory price of $199/year during the beta phase which is expected to last about 3-6 months.

Finally, after that it will go to the planned $79/month or $790/year price.


So, If you’re struggling with your social media or having a hard time keeping up, GrindZero is definitely for you! It won’t do everything for you (duh!) but it’ll make the journey much more engaging and worthwhile! Invest in yourself and get the right tools (and loads of info) to do the job yourself! With a proper system like GrindZero, it’s a lot easier than you think!

Thank you, and hope to see you on board!