Social media growth is a nightmare.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s face it, Social media is a tough nut to crack! It’s always evolving, always expanding, and there are countless moving parts that can very quickly become overwhelming.

For the majority of us it will inevitably snowball into a confusing and convoluted mess that ends up sucking up our time and energy like a disgruntled ex hell bent on making our lives as miserable as possible. 

” Okay but I create awesome content and offer an innovative product/service. Surely once I get a few more eyeballs then growth and success will inevitably follow? It’s a matter of time, right? “

Well that’s exactly what millions of creatives, side-hustlers, and entrepreneurs are telling themselves as they compete for what’s left of the proverbial scraps of social influence, as if stripping a gazelle carcass in the middle of the Sahara.

There’s no sugar coating it — it’s tough as hell to gain that social traction.

If you want to be discovered and grow organically, it comes down to having an excellent social media game. There are no quick fixes, no “win” buttons, unless of course you have a metric crap tonne of cash to spend for professional consulting, social marketing, brand development, and execution. If that’s the case, you’re all set! But, if you — like many of us — are struggling, then I urge you to keep reading. I promise you will be glad you did.

You see, social media at it’s core is a two factor game – in order to grow you need to be both FOLLOWABLE and DISCOVERABLE. It can’t be one, or the other — It HAS to be BOTH, a delicate balance that could be described as social media’s cosmic duality, the yin and yang for lack of a better term.

These two churning factors require a lot of time, energy, and resources. This is where most of us fail, because it’s hard to maintain that balance given the complexity of whats being asked of us. It is this struggle 8 years in the making that we at Snapzu have personally faced which pushed us to create a solution that we are now sharing with everyone.

Introducing GrindZero

A set of tools to guide you, improve your efficiency, and help you grow and succeed.

You’re not Garyvee (probably!) and neither am I. And since you’re still reading — I feel it’s safe to assume you don’t have a team of people expertly managing your social media presence. Garyvee or not, if you don’t roll up your sleeves and get it done yourself, no one will magically do it for you; not the tooth fairy, not the clone we all wish we had, no one!

We here at Snapzu know the pain well. We run a blog, a weekly newsletter, and have countless active social media profiles. You can check them out if you want! It’s probably how you found us!

Even with a limited half-hour a day allotted for our social media, our profiles still kick major ass! How?

Because we initially built GrindZero for us, and now we “eat our own dog food”, or in other words, we use our own product religiously! That’s because with the unique tools that come with the software, we compress 2-3 hours worth of work into just 30 minutes per day! This gives us a ton of extra time to focus on the other things that matter.

GrindZero Core Benefits:

LESS Monthly Hours to Grind!





Get GrindZero for a Whole Year for only $199 ($790) or keep reading to find out more!

GrindZero comes with a risk free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Become 600% more FOLLOWABLE

Followable (adj): Able and worthy of being followed.

For a social profile to be followable, it has to be WORTH following. It needs to provide meaningful value to the passerby so it can stand out enough for them to even consider it. Of course the big three qualities are being authentic, genuine and passionate, but it’s important to note that these are just traits that add quality to the ingredients, you need far more “passive” solutions in regards to your ability to be noticed.

This means sticking to a niche, occasional quality original content (duh!), along with the curation of a generous amount of other relatable content – often created by other creatives and leaders in your niche – to fill in the gaps.

Say hello to Shotgun Share

In its purest form, Shotgun Share is exactly what you probably think; a nifty web tool that allows you to share to multiple – even a dozen or more – social platforms in one pull of the trigger. This feature focuses strictly on speed and efficiency, so that mass sharing of content can be accomplished in a mere minute or two. Honestly, once you try it, you will never want to do it differently.

Shotgun Share is quick and effective, here’s how it works:

Create Your Tribe

Create a community on Snapzu. It takes a couple of minutes and only needs to be done once. It will act as your new home base for all your content curation going forward.

Find Great Content

Seek out great content that your community would find interesting and relevant to your niche/audience. There is lots out there just waiting to be picked like apples at an orchard!

Curate It

Post it to your Snapzu community, which then offers you the ability to spread it to ALL the platforms that you have added in your GrindZero panel.

Shotgun Share It!

Utilize this incredible tool to instantly and automatically prepare everything so all you have to do is go through the freshly opened tabs and finish the job. Share to over a dozen platforms in a minute or two!

Shotgun Share is about economy of scale:

If you had to bake a batch of cupcakes, what approach would objectively be more efficient? Do you do all that sourcing and prep work, bring out and mix all those ingredients, and then deal with the entire clean up just to bake a single cupcake and then rinse and repeat? Or do you “scale” the operation and bake a couple dozen or more in one go?

A wise chef probably once said, “If you’re going to make chili, you cook up a pot, not a bowl.

GrindZero focuses on the same core strategy with social media growth.

If you’re already putting in considerable time to create – or curate – content, you may as well post it to all your social media profiles in one go. You already did the BULK of the work, you just need to share it as far and wide as you can so many more people can actually have a chance at finding it.

Different people, or your potential fans, also tend to have different favorite social platforms they tend to hang out on. It’s solely YOUR JOB to get them to find you! The best way to cover all your bases and ensure that you have a chance at reaching them all is to ensure that you can be found EVERYWHERE. Even if that means a dozen or more social platforms. And the Shotgun Share tool ensures that gets done quickly, easily, and extremely effectively!


Get GrindZero for a Whole Year for only $199 ($790) or keep reading to find out more!

GrindZero comes with a risk free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Become 700% more DISCOVERABLE

Discoverable (adj): Able to be discovered or found.

For a social profile – and your brand/name as a whole – to be actually discoverable, it has to be active in various ways other than just occasionally posting or sharing content.

It has to take advantage of whatever algorithm and notification system that is built into the particular platform (yes, they all have one!) by engaging with users, profiles, and content in your niche. These notifications let existing users of that platform know that you exist, who then may eventually land on your profile or view one of your posts.

It’s basic social media 101.

And with a kick-ass profile with the regular use of Shotgun Share, the chances of them finding you worthy of a follow will be that much higher. But to be followed, you must FIRST be found!

While the growth benefits are quite obvious, a majority of people don’t engage enough – or at all – because the ASK is MASSIVE. You need to dedicate time and energy. You need to be consistent and follow a system. You need to be savvy and creative. It really takes true dedication.

And then multiply that for all the other platforms you may be trying to be found on. It’s honestly really hard to keep up with it all. This is where our next awesome tool comes in!

Evolve your “Social” with Bullet Tasks

Bullet Tasks is our newest A.I. social task assistant that provides you with an ongoing daily set of micro-tasks – tasks designed to be done in just a couple minutes. It will vastly increase your global discoverability so that others can have a much greater chance to actually find you and your content.

1. Network Effect

Designed to trigger notifications for networking and to get people to notice your profile.

2. Systematic

Provided using a systematic, headache free, and actually DOABLE approach so that you are always on top of them, regardless of whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro.

3. Randomized

Randomized so that they are always fresh and different, like the shuffle option in your music playlist.

4. Tailored

Tailored entirely to you and the social platforms you have a profile on. 

5. Relentless

Always nudging you to join any social platforms that you are not yet on, but that are in our database, which is a must if you want to stand out and grow as fast as possible.

6. Evolving

Always on the lookout for new and rising social platforms, which keep you on the offense and may help you earn an early and invaluable “land grab”.

7. Worthy

Always ensuring that your profiles are worthy of a follow for the people that inevitably land on them.

If you’ve ever used task or to-do software, you probably know how effective a list of tasks can be for productivity and getting things done. Well that same concept is at play here, except you can leave all the prep work to us! We’ll generate them for you so all you have to do is occasionally log in, quickly go through and get them done, and move on with your day.

Here’s how Bullet Tasks work:

Go to Bullet Tasks

Go to your daily updated Bullet Tasks section on Snapzu.

Complete your Daily Bullet Tasks

Complete the micro-tasks that are tailored and provided to you. These tasks are designed to get you to do all sorts of proven things and actions that actually grow your profiles, and get you views and followers.

The more platforms you have a profile on, the more variety of tasks you will be provided. Some tasks will even push you to join new platforms so you can spread those wings!

Absolutely Dominate!

If you can keep up (and we dare you!), your social profiles will be 700% more discoverable, meaning more followers, activity, growth, and clout!

Get GrindZero for a Whole Year for only $199 ($790) or keep reading to find out more!

GrindZero comes with a risk free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Designed for Content Curation

The most important, yet criminally under valued element of growth.

Curation (verb): The process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest, usually with the intention of adding value.

Snapzu is a social platform with a heavy focus on the craft and capabilities of content curation. It hosts the GrindZero growth toolset of web apps, and is comprised of thousands of tribes, or user-run niche communities, run by bloggers, creatives, influencers, side-hustlers, entrepreneurs, and the like!

Our nifty growth tools, such as the aforementioned Shotgun Share and Bullet Tasks, along with many others, are integrated with Snapzu’s community features to maximize the benefits of curation and get the most efficiency out of your time and efforts.

Content Curation

There are 6 major benefits to Curating Content!

Curating content allows you to become a must-follow, go-to source of information and resources in your niche!

Content curation allows for the harnessing of knowledge of your niche, which can significantly help in your own promotional and growth efforts in various ways.

As you consistently collect, review, share, and essentially leverage interesting and informative content created by others, people that find you are going to start viewing your brand as the definitive, must-follow source for topics and trends relevant to your niche.

It also shows that you’re on your game and actually care about the problems and issues they’re facing, and will eventually realize that you can save them a lot of time. This provides incredible value for them, making you well worthy of a follow.

Curating content is easy and has a short learning curve!

Let’s be real… writing blog posts, making videos, recording podcasts, or other creative endeavours can take an extremely plentiful amount of time and energy to do – especially if you want to do it right. It’s a tough and time-consuming ask, but it’s undeniably proven to work – a proven method since the conception of the internet.

On the other hand, curating content created by others in your niche is pretty straight forward! With the Shotgun Share tool, we even make the pesky and annoying part – the sharing of it across all your profiles – stupid easy! In simple terms, curation scales when you can’t

Curating content makes you yourself much more knowledgeable and a master in your niche!

Content curation often challenges you to provide your own thoughts, ideas, and arguments on the latest and hottest topics in your niche. Providing a short quick summary of why it’s worth your reader’s time and attention can go a really long way! There really is no better way to actively stay ahead of the curve and be on top of your game.

Curating content builds authority and opens up incredible networking opportunities with other leaders!

Curating content created by other creatives in your niche can not only get you noticed by them, it may even get them to re-share your post to their entire list of followers. Or they may even jump in and participate in some way. It happens all the time because it creates a win/win situation that benefits both parties.

They win because it shows their audience that they have authority when others are sharing their content. You win because you may get some of their followers interested in your profile which may lead to a follow or visit. It also just happens to be a nice and feel-good thing to do!

Finally, in quite simple terms: You don’t build a network – You EARN a network.

Curating content offsets your occasional promotional content!

If there’s one common theme in social media, it’s that people grow tired of spammy brands and websites ceaselessly bombarding their own links and wares. These profiles come off as “me, me, me”, and almost no one follows those kinds of low-effort profiles.

Going to a profile that shares three or four links a month, all from their blog, and nothing more, plain sucks.

You want to be vibrant and full of content! You need to give them a reason to actually follow you. This is called value proposition and content curation helps greatly in this regard.

Curating content builds your Snapzu tribe which in itself comes with many exclusive growth and monetization benefits!

Curating content lets you gradually build a home/knowledge base of content that can work for you in the long run by utilizing the various unique growth tools provided within Snapzu and GrindZero! These tools include our awesome blog/website widget, personalized invite codes/links, revenue sharing, mailing list integration, and even your own RSS feed!

Luckily for most of us, there isn’t much competition that puts in a proper effort to curate content well, meaning that there’s most likely a void that you can fill in your niche and take advantage of. This can become your “unfair advantage” which can help catapult your growth.

GrindZero is a great place to start!

Get GrindZero for a Whole Year for only $199 ($790) or keep reading to find out more!

GrindZero comes with a risk free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

The secret sauce is EFFICIENCY

Efficiency (noun): The state or quality of being able to accomplish something with the least waste of time and effort.

Objectively speaking, the GrindZero growth tools work so well because they drastically improve efficiency in your growth and promotional efforts. That’s what the core value proposition is.

Putting in the time to curate content for one single Twitter profile may not be worth it ROI wise – and rightly so. But for a dozen or more profiles, such a wider potential audience, and much better overall odds of being found, it definitely becomes worth it! That’s circling back around to cupcake tray example from earlier.

It’s also why we keep pushing everyone to get on as many social platforms as possible – because with each one, the efficiency naturally goes up. Once you have something ready to share for one, the Shotgun Sharing part is by far the quickest and simplest task!

Another important way GrindZero maximizes efficiency is by letting you recycle and re-purpose the content you curate to then effortlessly create routine, ORIGINAL, and highly shareable round-up content for your website, blog, newsletter, vlog, or podcast, along with many of those social profiles we push you to get on!

As mentioned before, we routinely do this for our own brand, and it helps in incredible ways! You can see it in action on our blog and newsletter! These weekly round-up posts combined take less than 15 minutes per week to compile, pimp out (for lack of a better term), and post/send! In our case that’s every Friday.

The growth benefits of weekly original content are OBVIOUS, which is why more and more progressive brands and profiles are upping their game and utilizing this effective strategy! Our favorite is the weekly tech round-up from Singularity Hub!

The bottom-line is that GrindZero and its systematic approach for curation, followed by maximizing efficiency with Shotgun Share, can consistently make your social media and content shine with just a couple of hours per week!

That’s honestly peanuts – in time equivalence – if you are actually serious about growing your name, brand, side hustle, or whatever else you are trying to get found!

Get GrindZero for a Whole Year for only $199 ($790) or keep reading to find out more!

GrindZero comes with a risk free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

DETERMINATION is what will get you there.

Determination (noun): The quality of being determined to do or achieve something.

Social media is a very (if not the) most important and inexpensive growth tool available today. If you aren’t willing to put in the most basic and fundamental effort to get found, you might as well throw in the towel right here, right now.

If you can put in five, ten, or even twenty hours into a single blog post, article, video, or whatever creative thing it is that you do, you surely can dedicate a fraction of that time for it to get found and appreciated.

GrindZero won’t magically do it for you, but it will make it a much quicker, easier, practical, and enjoyable experience that produces tangable results!

Four reasons why a strong social media presence matters in 2020:

Find New Audience

Your potential audience is already out there – but they’re usually walled in. You have to penetrate through that wall if you want to reach them.

Stay Relevant

It keeps you relevant and brings people back, similar to a newsletter or mailing list.

Rank Higher in Search

It builds your SEO, as Google is increasingly utilizing social media as an indicator of relevance and authority in its search results. This makes for an excellent opportunity to get ahead of the game!

Stay Competitive

You have to be actively on there to stay competitive. Low-effort profiles are guaranteed to fail, especially these days with heavy competition in essentially every niche.

Get GrindZero for a Whole Year for only $199 ($790) or keep reading to find out more!

GrindZero comes with a risk free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Take the Dozen Social Platform Challenge!

Dozen Social Platform Challenge (noun): A challenge issued for creatives, side-hustlers, and entrepreneurs to create active, “followable”, and “discoverable” profiles on a dozen social platforms.

It’s actually quite simple to prevail in this challenge:

Do your daily generated Bullet Tasks, which ultimately complement, feed, and literally synergize with every single other aspect of GrindZero and your creative process.

That’s it! Seriously. If you can keep up, there’s no way you can fail.

Feeling a bit feisty? Nothing is stopping you from expanding to 15, or even 20 social platforms! You’ll only get known faster, and get to where you want to be sooner! Cook up a pot, not a bowl!

What to expect from this challenge should you choose to accept:

In your orientation, you’ll get accustomed to Bullet Tasks and Shotgun Share web tools. Complete the micro-tasks your A.I. assistant assigns you, which will get your social media and curation game started. We will create a system for you so all you have to do it login once a day, complete them, and you’re done! And best of all, we make it stupid simple to follow, so you can put the Tylenol away!

Your social profiles will start being noticeably rejuvenated as your global social media presence gradually expands onto more and more social platforms. With enough awesome content, your Snapzu tribe (your new community curation headquarters) will now be ready for the spotlight and you can start cross-linking to it in your profile bios and other places! It will also prominently display all your social profiles so that you are accessible and super easy to follow on any platform.

Now that your tribe is established and going strong, and your now many social profiles are kicking serious ass and taking names, you can start utilizing all the other GrindZero growth tools, such as the widget, the mailing list integration, invite codes, and your RSS feed! New monetization options will allow you to expand your revenue stream if/when your tribe members upgrade their free Snapzu account to premium. At this point, you will also have enough curated content to take the next logical step and start quickly and efficiently pumping out weekly/monthly round-ups and newsletters with the content already on your tribe!

As you continue doing your social tasks and dominating in your niche on the now many social platforms, you will be hard to miss by other leaders in your niche, especially since you will often be liking, sharing, and mentioning them a part of your ongoing curation efforts. Your networking opportunities will start to amass. Your Snapzu tribe members will start contributing content and helping you out should you choose to open up access and let them! Finally, Google will likely start treating you as a higher authority and gradually start ranking your content higher, making you even more discoverable.

Get GrindZero for a Whole Year for only $199 ($790) or keep reading to find out more!

GrindZero comes with a risk free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Limited time LAUNCH offer!

GrindZero is normally priced at $79 USD per month or $790 per year.

But for a limited time, we’re offering our first 300 Dozen Social Platform Challenge participants a highly discounted price of $199 for the entire year (12 months), which amounts to a generous 79% discount on the regular price! 

That’s about the cost of one avocado toast per week for the entire GrindZero suite!

This incredible early bird offer is only available for the entire year because we highly recommend a full year of commitment to our product. Everyone knows that growth and success doesn’t just happen overnight!

Keep in mind that this isn’t just some regular old web course, “webinar”, or e-book. This isn’t just some “guru” information that is bound to become outdated sooner rather than later.

These are extremely useful web tools carefully crafted to our own brand’s growth needs. We use them ourselves daily and we want you to have access to them as well.

We actively add to them, update them, and improve on them. And we’re always on the prowl for new platforms, new trends, and growth tactics so that you, like us, are always ahead of the curve!

So what are you still waiting for? Join the thousands of other creatives, influencers, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, side-hustlers, and even entrepreneurs that already took the plunge! 

Get GrindZero for a Whole Year for only $199 ($790) or keep reading to find out more!

GrindZero comes with a risk free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!