Frequently Asked Questions

Before reading this, if you are interested in the GrindZero suite of growth tools and how they can help you, please read our primary landing page from top to bottom. It will likely answer many of your questions. This FAQ is written to help answer/clarify any remaining questions that you may have.

GrindZero Product & Service:

Who exactly is GrindZero for?

GrindZero is for anyone that wants to build up their name, brand, or business on the web, especially with the powerful, inescapable and (most importantly) free growth tool known as social media. It’s precisely for (but are not limited to) bloggers, vloggers, writers, entrepreneurs, cartoonists, podcasters, journalists, entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, and all other creatives who have ambitions to “blow up” and get their work known and out into the mainstream. GrindZero, as a suite of tools, creates a systemic approach to social media, focusing mainly on simplicity, ease-of-use, and efficiency to shave off as much time requirement as possible, so that you can focus the rest on what you do best — create, teach, or entertain. It’s also for those who want to stay ahead of the curve of the quickly expanding and evolving landscape of the internet.

Is GrindZero the only social media I should do?

It’s up to you really. If you have some spare time, you absolutely can focus more on specific platforms of your choice, especially more niche-specific platforms. But GrindZero makes you keep up with the competetive demands of 15+ social platforms.

Is GrindZero a replacement for social media schedulers?

It depends how you look at it. Using GrindZero will drastically reduce the need for schedulers, since with GrindZero you are doing everything “on the fly”, but you can still use them if you want to go the extra mile for certain platforms! We personally stopped using schedulers almost entirely!

Why should I be active even on smaller social platforms with less users?

Smaller platforms have less users, which limit your exposure, but also have less competition, which makes it easier to gain exposure in your niche. Easy to get an early land grab. Ultimately its a gamble (higher risk higher reward), but Shotgun Share makes that gamble much smaller since it’s so quick to use.

How often should I use/visit my GrindZero tools?

Daily, or as close to that as you possibly can. Set GrindZero (more specifically the Bullet Tasks) as an important bookmark, or even your home page if you have to. If you can keep up daily, you will have a killer social media presence which will expedite and maximize your growth and presence — it’s as simple as that.

If you use your own product like you claim, can I see your social profiles, blog, and newsletter?

We thought you would never ask!

Here’s also platforms that we re-purpose our content so it has more chances to be found: (SOON!)

Finally, here’s our newsletter: (SOON!)

All of those take 20(ish) minutes per day to upkeep/maintain using GrindZero — that’s it! This allows us to focus much more time on all the various other creative and business related things that must be done.

How often do you add new social platforms (or other unique growth web tools) that open/launch?

We’re constantly on the lookout because we use our own product rigorously, and (more importantly) have a vested interested in keeping it as useful as possible! We always want to have an edge and stay ahead of the curve. And we want you to have that advantage as well.

Do I need to provide logins and passwords to my social platforms?

No, just profile (login) names. This allows us to 1. Know you have a profile on a particular social platform, 2. Link them on your tribe/community, and 3. So that we know where to direct a variety of your assigned Bullet Tasks. We feel this is the best and most secure approach. And because it’s all done in real-time, and in your browser, it won’t get labeled (and often punished) as automated or “scheduled” content that may trigger all sorts of handicaps and hindrances in the algorithm(s).

Was GrindZero designed for mobile use.

While GrindZero works on mobile to a certain degree, we don’t recommend participation via mobile because of its extreme limitations (particularly the screen size) for various features.

What are keywords, and why should I provide as many as possible?

Keywords make GrindZero smarter and provide you a wider variety of tasks.

I've heard people say I should focus all my efforts on one or two main social platforms, not a dozen or more? Are they wrong?

Anyone who says that “you’re stretching yourself too thin” is essentially just insinuating for you to be lazy.

Think about it, learning/mastering any social platform isn’t hard — you post/share, stay active, and grow when people notice/follow you. Rinse and repeat. That’s it, not exactly rocket science. They are all the same at the core. The hard part is keeping at it day after day, month after month, year after year.

Keeping those profiles ACTIVE and VALUABLE. GrindZero, and more specifically Shotgun Share tool, helps you do all that with ease.

Is there a GrindZero mobile/desktop app or program I need to download?

At the moment, GrindZero is a web application that works in your browser (using a login/password) just like most other web apps.

Why do I need to allow my browser's pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups on GrindZero/Snapzu?

All Bullet Tasks and Shotgun Share prompts use/launch tabs to help you guide through them.

Should I be using a private or public desktop for GrindZero?

We highly recommend you use a private personal computer (because you want to save your social media passwords using your browser for efficiency). If you have to use a public computer, we recommend you use the Chrome browser when using GrindZero, and create/connect an account so that your password settings can be handled by Chrome/Google. Just don’t forget to log out from your Chrome account after you are done!

Snapzu And Your Tribe(s):


Where can I learn more about Snapzu and all its features?

This is way too long of an answer to fit in this already lengthy FAQ, but we can refer you to this page to learn more about Snapzu.

Do you have a bookmarklet so I can curate on the fly while i browse?

Hells yeah! It’s available in your Snapzu posts page.

How do I find good content to curate to my tribe (and social profiles)?

You will need a list of go-to sources in and around your niche, such as RSS readers, list of bookmarks, and any other routinely checked sources that provide good content. Start off with a handful, and keep adding as your discover new blogs, website, etc that share good things in your niche. Certain Bullet Tasks will also occasionally link you to the social platforms you have a profile on which may help you find awesome content that your audience (and profiles) will love.

How often should I curate (post/share links) to my tribe?

You should be curating to your tribe as often as you can be, preferably daily. Every few days works but less effectively. The more often you do them, the better your social media will be, the faster people will notice you and the value you provide, and the faster you will grow in clout and followers. If you have a true passion, curating will be easy, natural, informative, and wont even feel like it’s a part of the job.

What are the self-promotion rules on Snapzu?

As a general rule of thumb, all members (including tribe/community leaders) must follow the 10% self-promotion rule (20% for GrindZero members) on Snapzu, meaning that you can only link to your blog/website, or its articles (or any other blogs you have an invested interest in) in up to 10%, or 1 of every 10 of your posts. As we are a community platform with rules and etiquette in place, the reason for this should be obvious.

Community etiquette suggests that it’s best to share all types of content from all kinds of sources (not just your self-made content) into your own tribe/community, along with other communities on Snapzu that interest you. This winning formula grows and promotes your community naturally and organically, while simultaneously building up a profile and establishing roots in other communities. It’s all about getting noticed the right way.

Why is Snapzu invite only?

Snapzu is invite only for several reasons. First, it allows trusted community leaders to be the “gatekeepers” of the platform as a whole, where no one can join without first being invited by a community leader or trusted member. Second, it creates a barrier of entry for people with any potential ill intentions, such as spammers and trolls, whom always seem to try and ruin the fun. Keep in mind that we do keep an invite request queue for people that discover Snapzu organically, and we do occasionally send out invites ourselves.

What percentage of my own self-made content should I post to my tribe, and why?

Try not to aim for over 20%. Otherwise it becomes too much about you, and not about the value you provide. Make sure you identify (via checkbox) the content that you made, as opposed to content that you curate (that wasn’t made by you). This will make your Bullet Tasks smarter and more efficient, as it uses your self-created identified content in various social tasks that help you get your name and content out there.

How can I earn money with my tribe on Snapzu?

Referrals via a unique link or private invite codes (your choice). If they upgrade their Snapzu account to Platinum, you earn a 50/50 split of the purchase!

How does Snapzu help me find members to my community (to help jump start it on Snapzu)?

When you or your members/audience post content to, or otherwise participate in your community, that content ripples around on the entire Snapzu platform, landing in user feeds, other communities, and ultimately the front page. Content that makes the front page then gets shared on all our social channels and networks, top lists, and even our weekly newsletter. The entire process is governed by a fair and democratic approach, meaning that posting fresh and quality content is the best way to get noticed.

What types of tribes/communities are not allowed on Snapzu, and why?

Here is a short list of the topics or content that is not allowed on Snapzu:

  1. Marketing: While we’re aware that there is some good and ethical marketing information out there, we’re playing it better safe than sorry and not having any of it here. Too much gray area for our liking.
  2. Piracy: For obvious reasons.
  3. Erotica/Pornography: It degrades the community experience.
  4. Hate Material: For obvious reasons.
  5. Gore: Most people don’t want to see that.
  6. Doxxing: For obvious reasons.

If you create content that contains or promotes any of the above, it cannot participate on Snapzu and/or GrindZero. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you understand our concerns.

Web Presence:

What makes growing a name/brand/presence so hard?

Because the concept of social media is two-sided, most new profiles/brands suffer from what we’ve come to call the “chicken and egg” problem, referring to the age old question of what came first. New comers are most susceptible because it’s hard to get people to visit and stick around if there is little to no content shared/posted. As a direct result, it’s hard to stay motivated and provide new content if there is little to no audience or followers.

This becomes a vicious cycle that is extremely frustrating and time consuming to crack and is the single most common reason for why most creatives burn out and often even give up on social media. The GrindZero tools are specifically designed to attack the issues internally, in the most efficient and time-saving manner as possible, and from both sides of the problem.

Why should I have a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly roundup in my niche?

Weekly round-ups are great for creating valuable original content such as blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, and videos, since they are extremely easy to assemble (if you know what you are doing!), and utilize all the time/effort you’ve already put in over the past week (or however often you choose to have one). It’s also an excellent content strategy to let people know that you are on your game (in your niche), and to keep people engaged and remembering you so that you can keep growing. You can also then quickly “re-purpose” these posts onto other platforms that support it, so that your work can reach maximum reach and potential.

Shotgun Share:

What is the idea behind Shotgun Share?

GrindZero’s Shotgun Share is a slick web tool (that we’ve been working on for our own use when trying to expand our web presence) that makes sharing/curating content onto multiple social platforms (even 15+ if you dare!) a breeze that can be done in a couple minutes in one pull of the trigger. It actually a quite simple concept — First you share something onto your tribe, which then provides functionality to quickly and effectively share onto as many as 15 platforms (depending on where you have a profile on) in one go. The idea is that if you already have content in your possession (curated and/or self-made), it only makes sense to share to as many social platforms as you possibly can which drastically improves your chances at finding eyeballs/followers.

Whats the point of Shotgun Sharing content to so many platforms?

Think about each individual share (on each individual platform) as like a lottery ticket. The quality of the content determines how many sets of numbers you get per ticket.

The more you share, the more tickets you acquire daily. Shotgun Share makes it super easy to quickly amass these hypothetical lottery tickets so that you have a much greater chance of being found, or “winning” over audience/followers. You also really never know what will go viral and where. It’s all random, all timing.

But you gotta be relentless, as those lucky breaks do happen occasionally. That’s why you need keep hammering away and Shotgun Share is the only tool available out there that can make that happen.

Bullet Tasks:


What is the idea behind Bullet Tasks?

The premise behind Bullet Tasks is quite simple: Provide your social platform profiles (for all the other social platforms you have a presence on), so that your A.I. social assistant knows what types of tasks, and for what platforms. Then simply login every day (or as often as possible), keep up with the tasks assigned, and your social media game will be A+ in short order! It will make you much more followable, and discoverable, which will naturally catapult your growth and authority in your niche. The idea is to get behind a daily 15-30 minute systemic routine that’s extremely easy to follow for all netizens, regardless if you’re a total n00b, or a seasoned pro!

What kind of tasks does Bullet Tasks assign and how often?

Bullet Tasks provides all sorts of bite-size tasks designed to be done in just a couple minutes, ranging from simple share tasks, to actionable growth tasks, to networking tasks. All these tasks have a core benefit in mind, come with basic instructions and objectives to follow, and are assigned on random so that every day is a slightly different and unique experience.

How do custom tasks work?

Custom tasks let you add your own simple tasks that you may already do on a regular basis. All it requires is a simple link and that’s it, it will then be added to the rotation of all your eligible tasks! It could really be anything — checking your business email, googling your domain to see if it was mentioned, keeping up with the etc. There’s a lot of things people do on the regular that help them grow. Growth is a package of ALL kinds of things, and accumulation of sorts. This simple function is to make sure that you have just one main area that you focus on.

Can I hire someone to do my Bullet Tasks (and use other GrindZero tools) for me?

Your business/name/brand… your rules. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to offload/outsource some (or all) your tasks (or other GrindZero growth tools) to someone you trust and/or employ! Best thing? You don’t even have to train them! Just tell them to keep up with their Bullet Tasks. Finally, just also make sure they know what they are doing (in a general social media sense) and follow the rules and proper etiquette.

Other GrindZero Tools:

Other than Shotgun Share and Bullet Tasks, what other useful growth tools come with GrindZero?

This is a multi-part answer:

Mailing List Integration:
GrindZero easily lets you integrate your mailing list (Note: we’re partnered with only Mailchimp only for now) so that you can utilize your tribe and it’s content to efficiently grow your mailing list. Offering free e-books, checklists, and other digital goods as email opt-in incentives simply doesn’t work well anymore. Most people have caught on to these tactics. So we went ahead and streamlined a brand new method of offering exclusive community access (to any Snapzu tribe) and made it available for people who want to build up their mailing list much faster, more efficiently, and in a more fun and engaging environment.

Tribe RSS Feed:
Your tribe has it’s own RSS feed so that users that prefer RSS feeds (there are dozens of us!) can have their preferred way of getting their content. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also use external automation web apps such as IFTTT and Zapier to connect the RSS feed to certain social platform to automate (share the things that are posted on your tribe) certain parts of your social media!

Invite/Referral Codes:

Your tribe is provided with a Referral URL and unlimited invite codes so you can get people onto your community. If a user joins Snapzu using either one, you get credit for the “referral”, meaning that if that same person then goes ahead to upgrade their Snapzu account to a premium “Platinum” account, you earn a 50/50 split of the purchase, and any other future purchases for the life of their account! Also, as mentioned before, if you have a mailing list connected, they will also simultaneously join your mailing list (if the option is left checked) during their Snapzu account creation.

Blog/Website Widget:

The widget acts as a beautiful condensed window into your Snapzu tribe. To set up your community widget on your blog, you will need to copy and paste a small snippet of HTML code to where you want it to appear. We recommend near the top of the sidebar (if you have one) as it will provide sufficient exposure to get things moving along naturally. Once it’s up on your blog or website, you can customize the look and feel to as you see fit!

Doing Business:


Do you offer a money back guarantee? and How long is the money back guarantee?

30 days, no questions asked. If you want a refund, for any reason, within 30 days of purchasing GrindZero, simply contact us and we will provide you with a full refund. We can’t guarantee your success, but that’s on you. All we can do is give you the tools, but only you can decide if they are worth using.

If I do the Dozen Social Platform Challenge? Can I keep that price of $199/year permanently.

Yes, we will provide all challengers the option to renew a year later (and each year thereafter) for the same price. It’s one of the perks of becoming a Dozen Platform challenger!

Do you provide online support?

Yes, of course, during our business hours.