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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer marketing opportunities for qualified brands and businesses in the form of sponsored posts right from within the Snapzu platform. We have a number of marketing packages available to choose from.

What is a Basic Sponsored Post package?

The Basic Sponsored Post package includes the creation and publication of a sponsored post right onto the Snapzu platform.

The post will be displayed on the front page listing during the algorithmic life of the post (about 2 weeks), it will also be published into up to three relevant tribes (communities) that will host the link.

The content will receive sponsored link status and a +5 upvote boost for front page listing purposes. This link will remain available on the platform for a period of 365 days, and will then be removed unless otherwise specified.

What is a Do-Follow Sponsored Post package?

Similarly to the Basic Sponsored Post package the post includes the creation and publication onto the Snapzu platform.

The post will be displayed on the front page listing during the algorithmic life of the post (about 2-4 weeks), it will also be published into up to five relevant tribes (communities) that will host the post.

Unlike the basic sponsored post however, the do-follow package will also receive the “do-follow status” which will be more helpful in regards to search engines visibility.

The post will receive a sponsored link status and a +20 upvote boost for front page listing purposes. This link will remain available on the platform indefinitely.

What is a Related Link package?

The related link package allows you to publish a link into a specific snap (post) within the Snapzu community.

This related link will lead to your desired content. The related link however must actually be related to the original post, and must have quality content that is helpful to the reader.

Related links will stay up indefinitely, and as long as the snap remains published the related link will be visible and available to readers.

I would like to purchase several Sponsored Packages in bulk, is it possible to receive bulk pricing?

Yes, if you’re interested in purchasing more than 10 sponsored packages please be sure to get in touch and we can establish a fair pricing structure that works with your budget and marketing needs.

What currency are your prices in?

All packages are priced in US dollars.

What sort of content am I able to link to in regards to your sponsored posts?

Sponsored content must be in the form of an article that is helpful to the reader, classic ad style content is not allowed and will be rejected with a full refund issued.

Content we do not accept:

  • Pornography
  • Violence
  • Physical / Mental Abuse & Harm
  • Animal Abuse
  • Political in Nature

We reserve the right to deny and refund any sponsored post submissions we feel do not fit the overall vision of our platform.

Will my sponsored content receive down votes?

Yes, it’s possible.

All content published on the Snapzu platform will receive upvotes and or downvotes from the userbase. If you published quality content with helpful information then your content will likely get lots of upvotes which will boost it across all areas of the platform making it considerably more visible and resulting in it being shared across other social platforms as well.

However if your published post does not meet user expectations, is of low quality, possibly not helpful and generally seen as “spammy”, then it is very likely that your post may receive down votes along with up votes.

Where will my sponsored post(s) appear?

Your sponsored post will appear in the following areas of Snapzu:

  • Front Page Grid & List
  • Related Content Category Grid
  • Related User Feeds
  • Related Tribe Community Feeds
  • Original Sponsored Post URL
  • Snapzu Search Engine
  • Tribe / Grid RRS feeds

In addition, based on the performance of your sponsored post, it may also appear in the following areas:

  • User Based Snapzines (saved posts)
  • External Snapzu Social Media Mentions
  • External Snapzu Blog Feed Listings

If your post is a do-follow post, it will also reap the benefits of search engine algorithms.

What is the process once I have selected and paid for my chosen sponsored post package?

Once your payment has been completed you will be greeted with a submission form that will let you input required post details needed for the publication of the package selected.

Simply fill out the form exactly how you intend for your sponsored post / related link to appear, and within 24-48 hours we will publish your content.

Once your sponsored content is live, we will contact you with the full details.

Why is Snapzu a good fit for my brand?

Established in 2011, Snapzu is a content creation, sharing and discovery platform that uses an in-house set of social media tools, “GrindZero“, to elevate influencers and their readerships.

Our target demographic favors discovering content outside of traditional means akin to large corporate media outlets and web properties allowing for unique sponsorship opportunities that mesh across a wide range of social platforms.

Our rapidly growing platform is an innovative approach to empowering creative influencers to quickly setup and consolidate their social media presence into a single easy to manage community (tribe), a “ground zero” for their brand and product so to speak.

We offer unique features that allow for communities to flourish and empower creatives and their online readerships to discover new content and possibilities.

I have purchased a sponsored package, but did not hear back after completing the submission form. What now?

If you do not hear back from a marketing specialist after 48 hours of submitting, please be sure to contact us.

Will my sponsored post get a do-follow status?

This will depend on the package you choose in regards to your sponsored post type. We recommend going over the packages in detail to assure you decided on the most appropriate package for your needs.

Note: If your sponsored post does well in regards to community uptake (based on upvotes and relevant tribe mirrors) your post will eventually receive “do-follow” status.

Can I change my sponsored post once it's live?

Yes, but there are limitations.

You can get in touch and let us know about possible corrections in regards to spelling of the title and description or image of the post within 24 hours after the post has gone live.

Sponsored posts and their outgoing links however cannot be changed once the post goes live and would require the purchase of a new sponsored post. Edits to posts can only be done once, additional edits may carry an extra fee.

I am not satisfied with the performance of my Sponsored Content, do you provide refunds?

Due to the arbitrary nature of content published on the platform, your content may not perform as well as you may expect for a wide range of reasons.

The performance of your sponsored content will inevitably depend on community uptake, the quality of your content will have a lot to do with how well it performs. Please be sure you have done your due diligence in regards to how well your content may fit our community demographic.

Due to a wide range of possible factors that may effect the success of your sponsored content, we do not provide refunds at this time. We will however work with you to best optimize your approach in regards to our platform and the wide range of content we publish.


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